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Power Colors March 24 Friday

March 23, 2017


Personal energy boosting colors to wear today:  ​Friday March 24 colors: pink, coral, white, sky blue, orange Saturday March 25 colors: black, silver, navy, Brown Sunday March 26 colors: yellow, orange, gold, white Laid back and emotional, intuitive and in tune describe the feeling this weekend. We continue to hit blocks and get set back. […]

Power Colors March 23 Thursday

March 22, 2017


!!!!! Starting today every Power Color post will include the days instead of only one. That way, my friends around the world will not miss out because I’m a day behind them. Thank you John for pointing out that my international peeps need daily Power Colors too!!!!!! Personal energy boosting colors to wear today: crimson, aqua, […]

Power Colors: March 20 Monday

March 19, 2017


Personal energy boosting colors to wear today: Lavender​, tan, white, silver Oh the carnage that is the lead up to Mercury Retrograde.  Do everyone a favor and BE SO VERY VERY CAREFUL. This energy flow has already proven to be deadly, and danger filled. Mis-steps, misinformation, mis-judgements, misques…. You get the drift. Triple check all […]

Power Colors: February 25 Saturday

February 24, 2017


Today’s personal energy boosting colors: Black, silver, blue, brown Aquarius moon…New Moon Rising! Opportunity for unique solutions and group efforts. Collaborators are favored. Wild ideas and unexpected changes. Surprise and the feeling we need to be free as common. This is a great time to write it goals, make vision boards, write affirmations, and letters […]