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Power Colors: April 8 Saturday

April 7, 2017


Personal energy boosting colors to wear today: Saturday April 8 Colors: black, silver, Navy, tan, charcoal Sunday April 9 colors: yellow, gold, orange, peach, white Monday April 20 colors: smoke, silver, lavender, white, sand Happy Birthday to my beloved husband. I cherish you, beyond time.  Advertisements

Power Colors: March 6 Monday

March 5, 2017


Today’s personal energy boosting colors: Silver, lavender, White, cream We are feeling slow and relationship issues are going to be gone over again. Double check finances and all numbers. Be sure you get your correct change, and watch for math mistakes. Measure twice cut once. Talkative and a bit jittery, be careful not to jump […]

Birthday Week is Awesome

March 13, 2014


Here is me, getting a great surprise! Gregg got me this dress for my birthday. It is cotton and Spandex, so it is comfortable and easy to move in. You can always tell if you really surprise me… I have an expressive face I guess you could say. :o) See…expressive! I am excited to wear […]

Remember When?

March 12, 2014


A picture of me, my beautiful Aunt Jeanne and who I am guessing (behind her) are Mark and Brian. With Dane and Max in the right of the picture. I know their back is for Thursday, but since it is my birthday AND hump day, I figured why not? 48…I have completed a mere 48 […]

Birthday Week 2014 Begins

March 9, 2014


A one of a kind art work from a dear childhood friend and classmate. It is acrylic on glass, painted from the reverse, so basically backwards. It is striking, the Moon, lovely Luna looming larger than the Earth. I am excited to get it framed and hung on the wall. Thank you Steve! My birthday […]

Rain Gross 1st Birthday Party

January 26, 2014


My nephew and his lovely wife had a great party at my sister’s house yesterday for her first birthday. It was perfect with finger foods, and lots of little tots and babies. The food was great, the company better. It was so fun to see veryone getting in the new child mode. The kids are […]

Tuesday Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 4-9-2013

April 8, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Red, Black, Silver, White A low energy day leading up to the new Moon Wednesday morning (evening in Asia). We will feel impatient  even jittery, but overall tired. If you can sleep or take a nap, do so.  Also a long bath in Epsom salts or your favorite bubble bath will […]