Personal Power Tools 03-11-2020 #positiveselftalk #libramoon

Posted on March 10, 2020



Dancing on the tree tops heralding the arrival of the Season of Growth The Virgo full moon from Monday 3-9-2020

Personal Power Tools from the Amber Light cc 2003-2020

The Libra moon continues to receded from full, Mercury continues to build momentum and speed. Today will be much like yesterday, with communication and business as the daily focus. Meetings and contacts about business issues are favored. Take a look at offers and contracts again today as the current flow will allow us to see things more clearly and fairly than we have been able to the past few weeks.

Personal Power Colors: Yellow, Gold, Brown, Tan, Mustard, White

Personal Power Goal: Give yourself the same fair shake as you would give others. Meaning, cut your Self some slack in the everyday dealings of life. Show your own self some kindness, compassion and tenderness that you give to others.

Personal Power Tip: We are our own worst critic, enemy and bully. Today and Any Day when you find yourself in the midst of a self-bashing, judging, loathing, belittlement and the like STOP. Bring your inner mind to focus on the beautiful child who loves sunshine and blue skies and safe moments. Understand that we are all simply trying to protect that tender Soul. Our ways may not be the same as others however they are built on our experience which is different than that of any other Being. In The Universe. #positiveselftalk is so very important. #thebesstthing depends upon it.