Personal Power Tools 03-08-2020 #virgofullmoon

Posted on March 7, 2020



The Almost #fullmoon risng in Indiana 03-07-2020

Personal Power Tools from The Amber Light cc 2003-2020

#energyflow report: The Leo moon moves into Grounded, Earthy full Moon bound Virgo This morning after a #voidofcourse period from 4:30am EST until 6:50 am EST. Remember that daylight savings happens this morning so these are one hour ahead of yesterday. Mercury is S-L-O-W and I mean SLOOOOOwWW. Rage against the machine all you want the gears are doing their thing regardless. Be on the watch for mis-queues and misjudgments. Accidents are bound to happen, triple check everything you do. Our Virgo full moon coming tomorrow is all about our Self CARE so get ready for plenty of thinking and focus on why WE should be the PRIORITY.

Personal Power Colors: Gold, Yellow, Orange, White, Sand

Personal Power Goal: We are in a suspended animation moment. Best use of this energy given the push of the full moon is taking time to look for places we can show OurSelf a bit ‘o love. Virgo is about health, hard work, providing for our survival and details. Since we are in Slow-mo, we can take a few moments to stop and look at our heart and our body.

Personal Power Tip: Make notes of the areas you find that need some tender loving care for you. Mental, emotional and physical, every area deserves attention in order to grow. Use the momentary pause in the flow to snag a little time to take a look at how we can support our health. Using the revealing energy of the health focused Virgo moon will give us a huge insight into areas we need to improve upon.

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