Personal Power Colors and Moon Phase 02-21-2020

Posted on February 20, 2020


There is a hidden entrance into our deep soul. Take time to breathe and let it refresh.

Waning last days of the Aquarius moon today all day. Unexpected, rebellious and out of our usual energies are in store. We are still feeling the slow, lethargic flow, try to rest if we can.

Personal Power Colors: Pink, white, red, coral, peach

Personal Power Goal: take at least five minutes to do nothing at all. Seriously, literally nothing. Sit, breathe and think about whatever comes and goes through your mind.

Personal Power Tip: giving space to our mind allows us to clear built up clutter. This clutter is from too much information, worries and blamed that we take on every day. We have to make room for more, so taking time to clear our slate is very important. A waning moon is a very supportive time to do this.