Personal Power Colors and Moon Phase 02-10-2020

Posted on February 9, 2020



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The full moon went Virgo for the start of the work week. It is beginning to wane but is still in the full moon vibe. Detail work and self-improvement are where our focus will best used. Grounded earth energy, we may feel a bit sluggish, especially in the wake of such a high-energy full moon. If you have any opportunity to take some down time, a mineral salt bath, yoga, meditation, prayerful, or even soaking in the scenery out the back door, snag it!

Personal Power Colors: Tan, Beige, Ivory, White and Silver

Personal Power Goal: Find one area of your physical self you want to improve or want to change or habit you want to stop. Write it out on paper, with pencil. List the pros and cons of making this change. This can even be something you have been working but have not completed or something brand new.

Personal Power Tip: The energy of this moon and sun combination supports self-care and detailed organization. Take the above list and sort it. Organize it in the manner that seems logical to you, then look at the themes. Where do you see strength or weakness that you can identify? When you identify a previously “intangible” issue or point, and then write it out physically, you change the power of the unknown into something that it is possible to manage. When our Mind realizes that something can be managed, the panic stops and we are then able to uses our brain to formulate a plan to overcome the obstacles that are keeping us from achieving our goal.

Put this list in the Helpful People area your space (either house or bedroom). See the above image. Pretend you are standing in the front door of your space and looking in from the blue, black or gray area. Then find the near right corner. That is the Helpful People area.