Personal Power Colors and Moon Phase 01-23-2020

Posted on January 22, 2020



A beautiful waning moon from a past September

Personal Power Tools from The Amber Light cc 2003-2020


Waning Capricorn Moon fills our day again. We are going to be feeling sluggish, slow basically lethargic. The steady energy of Capricorn with the last day of the waning moon is heavy and slow. Best use of the day is OPTION #1…sleep, nap, lounge and rest. We all know that a big portion of us do not have that option. Second Choice, Make today a day you tend to everyday business, repetitive tasks or cleaning. These are tasks that do not have to be perfect or that we know very well so we do not have to think to hard to complete.

Personal Power Colors: Green, White, Purple, Aqua, Sienna

Personal Power Goal: Make time for at least 5 (only 5 people) minutes of quiet time today. FIVE MINUTES. Of no noise, no screen. Even if it is the five minutes before you go to sleep. Turn off the electronics and all of the input. Spend five minutes being with you. Think about whatever you like or look out a window or just pay attention to your breathing.

Personal Power Tip: The last Day of the waning (low ebb phase) of the moon drags on our energy level. It is important on those days to give everyone including ourselves a break for DOING NOTHING. We are now a people that do something all of the time. There is stimulus coming at us even when we sleep. Time for stillness is important to the circuitry that makes us who we are. These are the best days to take time for stillness and reflection.