Persona Power Colors and Moon Phase 01-21-2020

Posted on January 20, 2020



Personal Power Tools 01-21-2020 from The Amber Light cc2003-2020

Our Waning Sagittarius moon is Void-of-course all day. An atypical day with a totally Void moon all day. -#bestuse of our time is to focus on everyday tasks, the mundane things that make up our lives. If it is a maintenance item that you have to attend to in order to ensure that life goes on as per usual, those are things that our attention need to be focused toward. Do not set appointments or start any new ventures as those efforts will come to no fruition. Conversely, if you need to work on researching information that has to be thoroughly verified, today is a day you can investigate without be hindered by the inquiring of others.

Personal Power Colors: Maroon, Silver, Black, Gray, White

Personal Power Goal: add shades of red to your day on Tuesday to support the energy of Mars, out Action Flow.

Personal Power Tip: Use the generous energy of this time to find things to donate to others. Even of it is time, find ways to give a little piece to those who need that support. #thebesttthing happens when we give to others.