-Personal Power Colors and Moon Phase 01-17-2020

Posted on January 16, 2020



The “grow your own crystal tree” Jessica got me for Chrsitmas. It was very soft, like cotton candy.

January 17, 2020 Personal Power Tools from The Amber Light cc 2003-2020

Start the day with the Void of course Moon at 7:58 am EST in Libra moving into the 4th quarter, lowest energy ebb for the month. The Void period lasts until 1:20 pm EST when it will slide into the mysterious, curious, sometimes withdrawn Scorpio. Best trait: Driven! And Scorpio is the Best Detective, so putting that fact finding energy to work the next couple of days will be a great idea.

Personal Power Colors: Royal Purples and Pinks of all hues today.

Personal Power Goal: STRETCH. Seek The Reach. Extend To Capture Happy. Stretch yourself to grow. #thebestthing happens when we are the most open and spacious. Find ways to open yourself. Physical, emotional and spiritual. The Space Between is the place where we grow. Go out of your typical comfort zone at least once in the next few days to make room for something unexpectedly helpful.

Personal Power Tip: Opening ourselves in a total way (holistic) helps to encourage expansion and inclusion. In our form we are determined to grow. Stretching helps us to create new pathways for information to create new growth in us and also our Universe. Whether it is in bed after awakening or after sitting in your chair or driving the car or while attending to our daily chores reach up higher or down lower or around a bit to increase the space you have to capture #thebestthing The Universe has to offer.