Personal Power Colors and Moon Phase 1-14-2020

Posted on January 13, 2020




January 14, 2020 Personal Power Tools from The Amber Light cc2003-2020

Waning Virgo Moon all day a detail oriented, hardworking Virgo energy. Be sure to watch for being too critical and be aware if someone is being over critical, ask them to take a beat or simply walk away and revisit later. Watch out for overthinking things also, we can waste valuable time looking at all the little things that could happen or that are possible. (which in most cases never actually happen)

Personal Power Colors: Black, Gray, Silver, Navy, Scarlett

Personal Power Goal:  The theme of the month (Capricorn energy) pushes this moon energy into being focus on cleaning and clearing. Find a place…in your houses, office and in your heart and mind…to clear out the unused, now totally gathering dust and taking up perfectly useful space thing(s) that need to go.

Personal Power Tip: Use the critical and detail focused energy of the day to help be sure that the things you look at are worthy of staying in this reality as a SUPPORT to you. Some things will be easy to let go of others will tear at the sentimental ‘heart’. Those are the things you have to use the “x-ray vision” power of the critical Virgo eye to see if PRACTICALLY: “will those sentimental emotions support giving you strength to grow during the upcoming year?”. If so, then keeping it makes sense. If not, find a space in your heart to understand that a new person needs the energetic support of that item and it is okay to let it go.