Power Colors: April 26 Wednesday

Posted on April 25, 2017


Personal energy boosting colors for:

Wednesday April 26 (Taurus) New Moon!!: Brown, Gold, Orange, Bronze, Yellow

Thursday April 27 (Taurus): Burgundy, White, Aqua, Teal, Pearl

Friday April 28 (Gemini): Melon, Lime, Coral, Grape, Pink

Saturday April 29 (Gemini): Black, Silver, Navy, Smoke, Brown

The once a year, you know you need it Taurus Full Moon!!!!! (the crowd goes wild!!!)

So, the thing is, this Full Moon in our most strong and stable sign of Taurus will not be so great for STARTING NEW things. It is VERY GOOD for rededicating ourselves to projects, life style changes, actions and plans that we have already put into motion and are most likely needing our attention to tweak things here and there in order to turn them into our Best Successes.

This is a stubborn, slow, methodical time, which means we need to have patience. It also means that we have to prod our self as well as others to not move too slowly or think about things for too long.

Take time to get alone and write out some wished, dreams and other ideas that have been swirling around the heart and mind. Writing really helps to get action into motion, without having to commit to any real life changes first.
We are almost through the reckless and bothersome Mercury Retrograde of this spring. This means if we take time now to tell the Universe what we are wanting, needing and considering in our lives, when the motion begins again, we will be ready and able to take real, lasting action that will bring the things we want and need.

Get out those pens, pencils, crayons, recorders, phones, whatever you want and put it in writing. Use gray paper, silver bells, put the letter in a book that has helped you in the past or a guide that you are currently using to boost the Helpful Power of this note.

You may even want to burn it, or a copy of it, to send the request high into the sky.

Enjoy this wonderful New Moon day and remember to love your self. When you do that, you also love the entire World. And we all know it really needs it.