Power Colors: April 12 Wednesday

Posted on April 11, 2017


Personal energy boosting colors to wear and use today:

Wednesday April 12 (Scorpio): bronze, orange, green, yellow, Gold

Thursday April 13 (Scorpio): aqua, lime, purple, white

Friday April 14 (Sagittarius): melon, pink, white, royal blue

Saturday April 15 (Sagittarius): Smoke, Neon Blue, Black, Silver, Chocolate

Sunday April 16 (Capricorn): Yellow, White, Coral, Tan, Bronze

A full moon week plus Mercury hijinx equals A Whole Lotta dumb-stuff!!!

The crazies are here and the stupid is large. Try to have compassion and understanding for those who lack the capacity. DO not be afraid to point out the areas where people need to rethink, refocus and re-evaluate their thoughts, ideas and sources. We all need a little help seeing clearly at times. Do take the advice of others if it seems you have an issue with reality meshing with the plan. That’s what this energy is all about…finding ways to redo the things we have been using or working on to make them better than ever.

I cannot stress enough that everyone must triple check everything as our judgment and our perception may be just off the mark. And be prepared to find mistakes. Know this and be glad you have the chance to correct them.

Take a minute to howl at the moon tonight also, you’ll love it and so will She!


This shot is from a couple of years back…I just love it so I am using it again today. See this post for a look at La Luna this morning.