Power Colors: March 31 Friday

Posted on March 30, 2017


Personal energy boosting colors to use today:

Friday March 31 colors (Taurus/Gemini): Purple, Pink, Coral, Cornflower, Tan

Saturday April 1st Colors (Gemini): bronze, navy, black, Silver, smoke

Sunday April 2 Colors (Gemini/Cancer): White, Yellow, Orange, Honey

Monday April 3 Colors (Cancer): Lilac, Caramel, White, Silver

Tuesday April 4 Colors (Cancer/Leo): Silver, Jet, Scarlett, White

A chatty, kinda of busy weekend is ahead. Most of us will spend sometime in social gatherings, which is typical for a weekend. These will tend to be lively and animated. Be sure to curb the tendency to argue and push our opinions because everyone has them and everyone’s is right according to them. Know when to let the other guy think the way they want to think.

Continue to check, check and triple check, expect delays and misunderstandings. Take time to get the info straight and be ready to change up the plans a a moments notice.

For Mom…these are the daisies that Dad left growing on the side of his pond. I was so upset that he was spraying to kill them he said he couldn’t ever spray them again. And they have grown back every year. This was taken in June of 2014 on the day I spent hanging out with him for Father’s Day that year. I miss ya’ Dad….