Power Colors: March 30 Thursday

Posted on March 29, 2017


Personal Energy Boosting colors for today:

Thursday  March 30 colors (Taurus): Turquoise, White, Royal Blue, Crimson, Grass green

Friday March 31 colors (Taurus/Gemini): Purple, Pink, Coral, Cornflower, Tan

Saturday April 1st Colors (Gemini): bronze, navy, black, Silver, smoke

Sunday April 2 Colors (Gemini/Cancer): White, Yellow, Orange, Honey

Monday April 3 Colors (Cancer): Lilac, Caramel, White, Silver


Get ready and make plans to take it easy in April. Do not try to start anything new and be ready to have to repeat yourself multiple times, in every way. Mercury is slowing down and getting ready to retrograde in the tough, stubborn and sensible sign of Taurus. The best uses of this time will be to redo the budget, revamp the time schedules and revisit correspondence. Getting back to old ideas and tweaking plans to enforce and boost our financial security will yield new ideas we can put to work in May. Life altering changes or events, even accidents may happen to or around us. WE will need to keep our cool, so we can deal with the life after such events in a “not knee jerk” way. More on how to use the energy flow to the best way possible will be in future posts. Mercury retro usually means mistakes and frustrations. It also means chances to rethink the way we typically do things and opportunities to get a redo.


Dew drops filled with possibilities. That was a pretty morning!