Power Colors: March 29 Wednesday

Posted on March 28, 2017


Personal Energy boosting colors for today:

Wednesday March 29 colors (Aries/Taurus):  Chocolate, Melon, Evergreen, Gold, Lemon

Thursday  March 30 colors (Taurus): Turquoise, White, Royal Blue, Crimson, Grass green

Friday March 31 colors (Taurus/Gemini): Purple, Pink, Coral, Cornflower, Tan

Saturday April 1st Colors (Gemini): bronze, navy, black, Silver, smoke

Sunday April 2 Colors (Gemini/Cancer): White, Yellow, Orange, Honey


Remember to love yourself. Be kind, be easy. We are quick to be self-critical and that is a good way to have a bad day (week, year or life). Whenever you hear yourself thinking unkind things (whether about you or someone else) immediately recognize you are doing it and redirect yourself to a happy thought. Even if the person or situation deserve to be thought of in a negative way, make your self think of something happy, positive, joyful. Doing so will help to ATTRACT that energy and it will prevent the bad stuff from getting a place to grow in your world.