Power Colors: March 28 Tuesday

Posted on March 27, 2017


Personal energy boosting colors to wear today:

​Tuesday March 28 colors (Aries): Red, Silver, Black, White

Wednesday March 29 colors (Aries/Taurus):  Chocolate, Melon, Evergreen, Gold, Lemon

Thursday  March 30 colors (Taurus): Turquoise, White, Royal Blue, Crimson, Grass green

Friday March 31 colors (Taurus/Gemini): Purple, Pink, Coral, Cornflower, Tan

 Saturday April 1st Colors (Gemini): bronze, navy, black, Silver, smoke

Active today, impatient and hurried. Try to slow down, to help avoid accidents. Good day for ideas and thinking, any mind work. Great day for taking action, exercise and movement in general.