Power Colors March 27 Monday

Posted on March 26, 2017


Monday March 27 colors (Aries): Silver, White, Sand, Violet, Cream

Tuesday March 28 colors (Aries): Red, Silver, Black, White

Wednesday March 29 colors (Aries/Taurus):  Chocolate, Melon, Evergreen, Gold, Lemon

Thursday  March 30 colors (Taurus): Turquoise, White, Royal Blue, Crimson, Grass green

Friday March 31 colors (Taurus/Gemini): Purple, Pink, Coral, Cornflower, Tan


The new moon greets our week with fiery energy and an urge to act. With the energy slowing down over all, we will find ourselves in the need of being patient. Continue to use caution and extra care to avoid accidents. Our need to hurry will lend itself to misjudgment, so be careful. Monday and Tuesday are days to attend to regular tasks. Replanting and redoing are favored, wait to begin new projects and jot down ideas to be revisited next month. Physical activity will help to disperse the high energy we will be feeling to start the week.