Power Colors  March 22 Wednesday

Posted on March 22, 2017


Personal energy boosting colors to wear today:

Honey, Brown, yellow, orange, green

Oh the day that is #BonJovi day in Indiana. Enjoy ladies!!! And Gentlemen!!!

Yes, 50% of the workforce in Indiana will be out tomorrow due to the Bon Jovi flu. You gotta Love a love like that.

Clear and beautiful, wild and blustery. We are in a holding pattern until tomorrow. Continue to do what you do and Kerri focusing on the wellness of You. 

I have been working on my vessel since my birthday. A new approach to taking care of the whole me. #yogaeveryday

I see results and even with illness,I see results.

Hey, did you see that beautiful Moon filled starry sky? Yes, it is beautiful.

Focus on tasks at hand, do the basic work. If the floor is clean, everything else is better.