A Day with My Dad

Posted on March 22, 2017


I am so very happy I did this. He and I also were able to go hiking in the woods this same spring. Dad, I miss you.

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This year for Father’s Day I did something I have never done. I took the day off work and spent it with my Dad.

I am sure that seems typical for many people, but for those who know me well it is as unheard of as snow in Florida in July.

I drove out to his house, which is abougt an hour and twenty minutes west of mine.

Then we went to breakfast at a great Italian place called Mama Nunz. It was some of the best gravy and biscuits I have had at home or out, probably #3 or 4. this place is basically like being at home so no wonder it was so good.

After we got done eating we went back to Dad’s and fished in his pond. The fish were not biting, which according to the folklore rhymes was to be expected. But we had fun…

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