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Power Colors: Friday February 10

February 9, 2017


Power Colors Today: Pink, crimson, white, Purple, green   Our Full ‘Quickening’ Moon will rise at the time it is most full! Another name, which fits the Energy…A quickening of the blood, of the emotion as we anticipate the growing season that is coming quickly. Take time for yourself today or Saturday. You deserve it […]

Power Colors: Thursday February 9

February 8, 2017


Power Colors for today: Royal Blue, White, Jade, Red, Aqua   We are in the throws of the Full (Leo) Moon. The Full Snow Moon or Hunger Moon signals the end of the “harshness of winter” and the coming of Spring. This year’s moon is especial because we will also have a lunar eclipse. This […]

Power Colors: Wednesday February 8

February 7, 2017


Today’s Personal Power Boosting Colors are: Green, Gold, Yellow, Orange and Brown We are heading to a full Moon on Friday, the first one of the new Lunar Year and the final one before the Earth on the Northern Hemisphere awakens. It is called the Hunger moon for a very old reason. Long ago this […]

Overcome Grief Naturally

February 7, 2017


Grief is one of the major emotions we deal with as human beings. As we become more experienced in life, we deal with more instances that cause us to grieve. Grief can be debilitating, life-consuming with effects that disrupt our entire sense of normal. It is also subtle, happening daily on levels that we tend […]