Power Colors: Saturday February 11

Posted on February 10, 2017


Today’s Colors:

Black, Silver, Dove grey, chocolate, navy

High energy….Intense to the Maximum!

Use this powerful moment to set an intention…A goal that is focused on YOU! You deserve The Best Life. Take a close look at the mirror and be TRUTHFUL with YOU!

What do you hold dear? What are your blessings? Share those with your self and the Universe. Write them down and keep where you can see them each day.

What are your challenges? What area do you want and need to improve? Write a note and ask for Help and guidance to be motivated and successful. Also put this where you will see it each day.

Bask in the light of this powerful Moon phase. Envision your success and the best happy feeling…Send a signal you want more of this!!!

Much love to all…. Thank you!