Power Colors: Thursday February 9

Posted on February 8, 2017


Power Colors for today:

Royal Blue, White, Jade, Red, Aqua


We are in the throws of the Full (Leo) Moon. The Full Snow Moon or Hunger Moon signals the end of the “harshness of winter” and the coming of Spring.

This year’s moon is especial because we will also have a lunar eclipse. This energy will focus on the “I” in your world…YOU. People will be out going, out spoken and dramatic.

This is a good time to speak up if you need to stand up for yourself. It is also good to reveal things about yourself and also to take a look at you self to see if you truly like what you see. If not now is a great time to make a plan that is focused on making YOU The Best YOU can be.

Be aware that others are also feeling ready to “roar” so give them their space and their moment in the spotlight. It is always nice to share even if you are looking out for Number One! We are also expecting a comet sighting Friday, so be ready to look up!