May 21, 2015 Thursday Power Colors & Energy Flow

Posted on May 20, 2015


Hello Gemini!

Thursday Power Colors and Energy Flow:
White, Purple, Burgundy, Turquoise, Green
The week has been rough, tough and tumble to say the least. Many of us have at least one super challenging event to deal with and much of it has come as a not very pleasant surprise.
The change and energy continue to be difficult to navigate as we head to the weekend. There is A LOT going on. So much it is totally overwhelming at times.

TIP: Be sure to take time out to sit in the quiet and be still. Put your hand over your heart and just breathe. Think of NOTHING except your breathing and how it sounds/ feels/ looks, etc. This will help your soul and body to center with each other and will give us a chance to slow down for a moment. We are going to need to do that often during the next month as we are going to feel like we need to rush even though the energy is too slow to go fast.

TIP: Count to ten or twenty when needed BEFORE reacting or answering. Put off ANY decisions that do not have to be made until after June 15th. Do not start anything new, work ONLY on project you have started in some fashion before May 15th.

TIP: Relationships need to stay AS IS!!! Evaluate the status, what you want, what you need and what direction you want start toward when next month gets here. This month is best for hanging out, visiting and spending time learning about those we want to spend more time with or those we have to work with everyday. No pressure, just getting to know each other…even if that might mean getting to know someone we have been with a long time over again.

TIP: Use the hand over your heart with deep breaths-in through the nose, out through the mouth-to relax and get and immediate calming feeling any time you are feeling overwhelmed, scared or angry. Also use the vision of pink light surrounding and glowing in everything to calm any situation that feels out of control, angry, dangerous or uncertain.

Share your thoughts and experiences. Misery loves company and it helps everyone to know they are not alone in this mucky mess!

And never forget…LOVE LOVE LOVE…LOVE to you all!