Ten Second Tip-Winter Blues

Posted on March 19, 2015


The Amber Light's Blog


It is winter in the North, summer in the South. Mid-winter, mid-summer.
The time of the seasons when many of us begin to grow weary of the weather extremes, hot and cold.
Storms and sweltering heat, freezing temps and snow everyday.
What is a person to do to keep from feeling sad, down, depressed…
That’s right…orange!
Wear it, drink it, paint with it, flowers, food, clothes, animals, sun rise, sun set, crayons, highlighters, if it is orange, get with it. Have an orange paper on your desk. Drink orange juice. Eat Cuties. Wear orange clothes, under our outer wear. Orange gemstones, paint a wall, buy orange flowers.
If you are lucky enough to be able to see the sun, soak some in. Watch it rise or set.

Why orange? The vibration of orange helps to uplift our mental and emotional state. It helps to relieve feelings of depression…

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