Mercury “Retrograde”: How it Works

Posted on February 14, 2015


For Stacey and everyone else in my life that wonders how the heck we get through this three times per year rough patch without killing and maiming.

Okay: First part of the lesson is how Universal Energy Works.

Luckily there is an easy analogy.

Think of the “space” between everything in the Universe as water-like. Think of everything we consider “solid mass” or planets, stars, galaxies, black holes…you get the idea…Think of it as boats on a gigantic ocean.

Next, how the retrograde (for any body (planet/star) we study) works is:

We are a ship. From our perspective, the other vessel, in this case Mercury, is going the same direction in this Ocean as Earth is. Then, it starts slowing down, Then stops, then slowly starts going an opposite direction as the Earth is (at the moment). Any time you have one current going the opposite of another, the resistance causes friction. That slows everything down, causes small directional wakes going out from the main energy currents (back drafts) and causes general issues with the specific energies that the boats have is common or with weaknesses that each might have at that time.

Okay. So for this particular week:

On Tuesday, the “SS Mercury” was slowing down from three weeks of going “opposite of Earth”. On Wednesday, that ship came to an All-Stop, suspended and for a few moments motionless, even weightless in the fluid of the Universe. It then began motion in the same direction (from our perception on earth) as we are going once more.

Because Mercury energy is about communication, travel, connections, buying and selling, and all things that connect, the slower it goes, the more crazy ripples in the energy we encounter.

The times that are most disrupted are the week before the directional switch (slowing down), the three weeks during (at which time the most easy period is the middle week), and one week after (getting up to optimum speed). At those times the boat is running at a slower speed than is optimal. Which causes vibrations that make us have to redirect our efforts in all ways. Redo, Revise, Re-speak, Re-commit, Rework, Revisit, Reevaluate, you get the idea.

As unpleasant as it is for the ‘flow’ of today’s world, it is a very important tool in keeping everyone aware that patience and the ability to adapt are the two mot useful and important tools in the arsenal of survivng and growing in the Universe as it vibrates today.

Bottom line: expect all things that will take us by surprise. You thought your sick spouse was the most of your worries…oh, hey how about a kick-you-butt illness and a cracked rib from coughing? You thought losing your loved one to an uncontrollable illness was hard…enjoy watching as your sibling succumbs to fear and neglect. Thought your career was at a dead end, enjoy as the Universe taps you to step up and be more than you ever thought you could.

The other part of this energy vibration is the movement issues. Accidents and chance collisions are always int he mix. Whether you meet up with someone from the past you want to let go or meet up with a stranger by a collision, “accidents” will happens a stoppages in motion are guaranteed.

Once we get past the “week after” mark, we start to finally see the wakes of issues subside and things being to smooth out. Until next Wednesday, be very careful, triple check all information, wait to make commitments if possible and understand that we wil be re-doing much of what we have started during this time period.

The Indiana Winter sun sets. January 2015

The Indiana Winter sun sets. January 2015