Energy Flow Report February 10-15, 2015 Mercury Retrograde Warning

Posted on February 9, 2015


We are at the end of the “Mercury on the Fritz” month. These next few days will be full of challenges big and small. From not being able to hold onto things to having depth perception issues to misreading or mistyping everything, accidents, mistakes and retakes will be in order.

Especially for the next two days, we will be finding and uncovering all sorts of information that will have us revisiting things from the past, near and far. The only things we can do is be very careful and look, check and ask three of four times.

There are a few lucky a good feeling energy waves that are helping to soothe us even in the midst of so much aggravation. If you have money luck now is time to buy that lotto ticket…again. If your luck is in being at the right place or finding resources for free, now it the time to ask.

Valentine’s day will feel loving and romantic. Make the most of it by spending it with those you love most. And this does not just go for romantic love, but also those others in our life that are important and have our whole heart in theirs. We can celebrate all loving relationships with this holiday.

Tuesday and Wednesday are good for research and uncovering information needed to get things right. Mysteries may come up and we will be good at solving them, although we will be going over old information to do it.

Thursday through most of Saturday has a fun, generous and inclusive feel that will have many of us sharing our Valentine’s Day with more than just one person.

As we move to Sunday, we get into a more responsible, building type mode which will have us looking at projects that have been on hold for several reasons. It is not quite time to being acting, but prep on paper and ideas can be done now. Laying foundations is a great thing to do with this time.

We are in the last days of the lunar year. Coming up next week is the Lunar New Year, bring us the Year of the Ram/Goat. Think about the traits unique to the goat and you will get an idea of the energy that will be a part of this coming year. Also…this new moon welcomes the new growing season! It will be time to start seeds indoors next week!!!! Happy Spring!

Snow crocus from last year.

Snow crocus from last year.