Full Leo Moon and Jupiter February 2, 2015

Posted on February 2, 2015


The heavens have been putting on quite a show this week and tonight was no exception. Here are the shots I captured…I almost missed the whole thing, as cloud cover came in before I got out. Jupiter is to the lower left of the Moon, which is in the upper right of the picture. I was hoping for a clear sky, but am overjoyed with the wonderful shot I got because of the Moon playing peek-a-boo in the clouds. It seemed that there was a perfect hole for the moon to shine through as I took these shots. But by the time I finished (less than five minutes), the clouds were so thick Jupiter was no longer visible.

Tomorrow night the show will be even better as the two will be side by side all night! Be sure to check it out in the Eastern sky.

IMG_0960 IMG_0947








I think this is the money shot of the group. (above)

IMG_0957 IMG_0959