Amber Light BOLO: Full Moon in Cancer, Emotions in Motion

Posted on January 4, 2015



A light bulb from a strand of lights that was used for many seasons to light the monument in downtown Indianapolis.

This full moon will bring the shift we have been needing.
It will come with a LOT of emotion and very strong feelings about home and family and what the definition of that is to us now…. Which is not the same as it was, before, even just a few weeks or days ago.
There have been a couple of other energy changes in the past few weeks that have equalled into clarity and direction that we all very much needed.
Take time over the next two days to look at life and evaluate the things that we need to feel secure and confident in the foundation of our life. Determination and steadfastness are prevailing energies now. Coupled with the focus now on home, family and emotional health we are at the first full moon of the year trying to find ways to make our hearts and homes balanced and healthy.

We are in the midst of a crescendo in the radical change and transformation that is happening to all of us on personal levels as well as the world at large. The only thing we must be sure to do is be ready to let go of those things that are blocking true growth and achievement, regardless of how much we will miss them and grieve over not having them anymore….REGARDLESS of how destructive and detrimental they might be to our health and how they might be keeping us from our Best Life.

The only thing you can know is that The Best Thing will happen if we allow the Universe to follow its path.


***I know it has been far too long since I have written. For that, I have no words other than, life happens and sometimes it consumes almost more than a person has to give. As always, here I am. I have been thinking of all of you, everyday, wishing I could give you more and hoping/knowing you would be guided by the Universe and my prayers to find the light without my physical guidance.Thank you for being here for me. If you have a moment, say a prayer for me, as I need a bit of a boost, as we all do at times. I forget to ask when I really need, and so today I am, asking, because I know you would want me to ask if I need. Thank you all, I love you.~AmberLena