20 Years-Where’d They Go?

Posted on October 22, 2014


Happy Anniversary to one of my very best friends EVER!!!!!
For twenty years we have been living what is the best of our lives. Ups, downs, happy, devastated, boring, exciting and the chaos of change, we have made a life of living each of these days that have made up this partnership. 7300 days… Wow.
Here’s to the next 365, which we minute will be an adventure and the others that will build the rest of our life together.
Thanks for helping me be the best I can be, even on the days I have felt like anything but.
I love you!!!


My anniversary flowers…. Fire and ice roses… Were in my bouquet on our wedding day. A day as beautiful as today is, weather-wise. Perfect for our outdoor wedding that inspired an entire park to be built on Plainfield just for such occasions. Always the trend setters…. Thanks to everyone who was with us that wonderful day and to this who have journeyed with us through these two decades. I love you all so!!!!