September 2014 Morning Skies Shine

Posted on September 24, 2014



Venus, The Moon and Jupiter with Orion above. Venus is just above the moon (from last week) and Jupiter is the tip of the triangle to the right of the moon above the trees. Orion is to the far right. Note the “belt” (three stars in a row), that is the middle of Orion.


This morning (9-24-2014) Venus is the brightest star in the bottom left of this shot, in a diamond formation with three other stars, kind of the shape of a kite (tilted to the right).

IMG_9436 IMG_9437 IMG_9438 IMG_9429 IMG_9430 IMG_9431 IMG_9432 IMG_9433




The diamond, a bit easier to see.

Below are more pictures from last week. The waning moon is playing with Venus and others to make a breath taking, mesmerizing morning show.




Venus and the moon.

IMG_9393 IMG_9395

IMG_9397 IMG_9398

In these three shots I caught something streaking toward the east coming from Orion. Not sure what it is, but a very cool and unexpected item in the shot. I did not see it until I viewed the pictures. And these were 5 second exposures, so it was not moving super fast, because there was a 2 second wait before each shot plus 5 seconds of time lapse. It must have been far away and moving fast. And that’s why I love looking at the sky.