Full Moon Energy Flow and Power Colors September 8-11, 2014

Posted on September 7, 2014


Wow…a month has gone by already! Well, here’s hoping that I am finally in a place I can being to be regular at posting the energy flow and daily colors again!!!!!!!! I am missing all of you and missing writing.


A lovely piece that invokes the dreamy, fantasy energy of this week.

A lovely piece that invokes the dreamy, fantasy energy of this week.


We will spend all day Monday feeling the effects of the growing full moon. IN the western hemisphere we will see it come up in the evening in total fullness (exact at 9:38 p.m.).

This will be a highly emotional, big dreams and grand fantasies type of energy. We are being charged with figuring out how to balance the need to work, pick at the details and make sure everything is “just perfect” and being free, easy and able to go with anything that might happen, not matter how that might change our plans. We need to recognize how much our heart and our dreams are the most important ways we can make the most of our human, physical efforts as we live this life. Compassion for others, using our imagination and intuition are the key items that we need to embrace. This is easier for some than others, as with everything.

Take time during this next month to spend time without any outside input from technology to go on an imaginary trip. You can go to the future, past or to a time/place of the world you have never been. Maybe imagine what it would be like to be an office worker in a high rise in New York City. Or a surfer in Australia. Or a shepherd in the Andes mountains. How about an Egyptian king or an Inca woman. How would you feel if you were a tree? Who would live in you? how would you do in strong winds or heavy rain? Give yourself the treat of total freedom to be anything and everything, using your mind and soul. It is a wonderful feeling.
Also give to others. Something, big or small, does not matter. Just give something that will help another (or more than one other). Being big hearted is a trait of Pisces and this moon is full of that loving, beautiful energy.

Super psychic intuition will also be part of this full moon energy. Hearing things, seeing things, having visions and knowing what others will say or do will be happening to most of us, even those who typically are not “very in tune”. There will be lots of “I was JUST thinking/saying that” and “I just had a feeling that was going to happen” plus vivid dreams of things that will then happen in waking life. Be ready and note anything that is important. These are all ways we are getting the message from The Creator about what The Best Thing for our lives truly is.

Wednesday will see the switch to a faster pace and a bit less patience. Be careful as we are in a dreamy type state from the full moon all week.

Some of us will be faced with making serious, lasting commitments this week also. if you are sure that you will and want to follow through…now is the time to go for it.

Ideas, issues and solutions are coming at us from all directions, and with a quickness. Be sure to use the sudden, creative and “out-of-blue” ideas to help come up with ways to make life, work or problems manageable and fun.

Be careful with feelings and think three times BEFORE blurting out what you are thinking. We will all have moments that we will have very soft feelings that might get hurt on accident. Be sure to remember that if you fell hurt, clarify before you start getting upset. Most likely it is you be too sensitive…the energy is super sensitive this week.

We will need to be on our guard late in the week to be sure we do not have a melt down or go off half-cocked without reason. This is a creative energy also, so try to use that extra intense energy to make something useful instead of starting arguments or challenging others to release that energy. Exercise in any form will help with this mood, a long walk, run or extensive workout will be in order for many of us.

Enjoy the week and thanks for sticking with me….I am here and still sending you all my love and support.

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Daily Power Colors for September 8-12, 2014

Monday 9-8: White, Cream, Silver, Lavender

Tuesday 9-9: Black, Silver, Red, White

Wednesday 9-10: Gold, Yellow, Brown, Green

Thursday 9-11: Burgundy, Purple, White, Turquoise, Green

Friday 9-12: Orange, White, Pink, Red