Full Moon Energy Flow Report and Daily Power Colors August 7-10 2014

Posted on August 6, 2014


Our pool looking like the end of summer is very near.

Our pool looking like the end of summer is very near.


A glamorous life is how we will be feeling Thursday. The entire week has been great for connections and business dealing. This continues into the weekend, which ends with a potent full moon. We will be dreamy and yet active Thursday. This is a good energy for adding creative actions to the plans and projects we are working on. If you have a flash of inspiration or feel the need to be creative, go for it today. You will be happy with the results.

Both Thursday and Friday are good days for getting work done well and thoroughly. We will not be super fast but everything will be done with deliberate purpose and with deep care to be sure it is stable and solid. This is great energy for making changes that we want to last. Anything that is focused on stability and security in our lives will have a great energy to build on if we start it during these two days.

Inspiration will be coming from out of the blue. Get your paper and pen ready to capture the flashes. You never know what great solutions will pop into our minds now.

We build into the full moon with the feeling that we are having to really work for what we want and need. There is nothing more rewarding in life than to create a dream in our heart and soul then pursue using our resources, talents, intuition, creativity and actions. Without ACTION nothing becomes reality. With this energy, efforts which seem to be intense and perhaps even a struggle will be rewarded later on with dreams coming true for us.

Saturday and Sunday are both full moon days with the moon coming up and getting fuller Saturday night into Sunday. Then Sunday the moon will rise in the Western hemisphere just after it is totally full. Take time for some moon gazing on either night is you get the chance. It is another super moon. A moon that is close to the Earth and at an angle which makes it seem very big, bright and almost near enough to touch. For those who know the lore, the rabbit doctor on the moon will be sitting upright and in total view. (This is a Chinese tale of the medicine Rabbit doctor that lives on the moon and creates herbal healing potions.)

Gemstones can be charged these nights in the moonlight. Other items can be charged in the full moon light as well. Such as any jewelry, cups, bowls, ritual items and anything you might want to capture the energy of balancing focus on our self with including others that comes with this Moon.

Most of us have some part of our life that is still feeling stagnant or like it is not moving fast enough for us. Keep gathering your facts, do your research and continue to work the plan. Whether we are awre of it or not, things are happening under the surface and in the lives of others that will see our goals become reality very soon. We have to keep up our end of the bargain which is to never, ever give up.

Enjoy the weekend and CELEBRATE!!!!!! The Energy Flow REPORT is back after a short absence. Thanks to everyone for your love, good wishes and support through my transition. I want you all to know that dreams do come true. Even in the darkest hour when it seems there could be no way possible for anything to change or for the impossible to happen. It is, it does, it will, it has and it is because we never give up….see that theme…keep after it, until it is done right. Even if you cannot see the way, the how, the why or where the support will come from. You have a duty to your dream to continue to pursue it until it has full life. And a duty to your spirit to become more than you could ever imagine….no GO!!! Get er Done!

Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

To increase and improve your energy every day and help to repel the negative.

Thursday (8-7): Green, Burgundy, Turquoise, Lavendar, White

Friday (8-8): White, Purple, Pink, Orange, Red

Saturday (8-9): Brown, Black, Silver, Blue

Sunday (8-10): Yellow, Orange, Gold, Red

Monday (8-11): Cream, White, Silver, Lavendar


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cc2010-2014 The Amber Light Publishers
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