Kitchen Counter Remodel with Daich Stone Coating

Posted on August 5, 2014


Our project of refurbish the kitchen counter tops is complete.
Other than not being able to use them for about a week it was very easy.
It was as simple as painting. We would have gotten the other black if we had known this was more of a gray but it looks great.
It cost a total of $155 dollars and our labor.
The steps are easy:
Sand the counter
Base coat (2)
Stone coat (2)
Top coat (2)
Let it cure for at last a week. Sid says using a heat lamp like with car paint would make the curing go faster. I felt like after 10 days it felt very hardened.
Of course, once we got the counters looking good everything else had to be spruced up…hahaha!
So wall paint and a new back splash are next. Look for those coming up soon.



So..these are the after pictures….my before pictures are stuck on the “cloud”now. When I get them I will update them.