Full Moon Weekend Energy Flow Report July 11-13, 2014

Posted on July 11, 2014


Full Moon Weekend starts tonight!

As the bright and beautiful moon rises tonight it will become fuller to fullest Saturday morning around 7:30 a.m.

Take time to night to soak in the moonlight, even for a few moments if the skies are clear. We can all use the soothing and ambitious vibrations this moon is bringing and soaking in the light is a great way to charge ourselves with it.

Things to look for: The feeling that we can accomplish our goals. WE will be torn about having to give up something of our home and family time in order to achieve our profession/career goals. The job this energy will help us with is finding the balanced way to give up the right amount of time and attention from one area to focus on the other.

There is likely to be some stubbornness with this. We will be feeling feisty and ready to fight for our right to pursue our dreams. Try to remember that the people we might “fight” with are only concerned because they are afraid they might lose our love and attention. This energy flow will help us to find ways to ensure them security while allowing is the freedom to pursue our life’s work, career, etc.

The rest of the weekend will have a freedom loving, surprise quality to it. Sunday may find us with tender feelings and we may want to sulk/give some “silent” treatments, but do not fall into that trap. This same energy will give us lots of creative juice to work with, especially in regards to home/family projects. We also have a lighthearted, fun and flirty energy that will help this mood to be lighter, so use that to have some fun with you romantic partner. If that is not part of your day, then take those energies and use them to make real and exciting progress on a pet project. Anything home/garden or family oriented will be the best.


Venus at sunrise 7-9-2014

Venus at sunrise 7-9-2014