Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow July 7-9, 2014

Posted on July 8, 2014


A fun and crazy kind of week that will have us flirty and light to start.


Kissing Trees from a hike the woods with my dad.

Kissing Trees from a hike the woods with my dad.



Tuesday brings lots of surprises, the tendency to push things to far or too hard, flashes of great inspiration and intense discussions. It is possible to end up in an argument because of the intensity and need to feel unrestrained. ***Be sure the thing you are pushing for, are adamant about or feel the need to fight abut is actually worth the energy.
this will only last for 24 hours, so try not to create any bad feeling that will have to be fixed Wednesday.

Wednesday brings a peaceful, easy although somber mood. We will be able to smooth out the rough edges left over from Tuesday while helping us to make preparations for the near future. It is a VERY good day for making lists of action plans, goals and projects. Laying ground work and making sure we are also prepared…with information, education, experience, emotions, visions boards and meditation….it highly recommended work for this day. It will not be a light and laugh-y day, but it will be VERY production and useful for our future successes!


We are in the build up to the full Moon Saturday. This will be down to earth, stability minded energy. Our security in life and how much we are willing to work, ~really put in the effort~, is the focus of this energy. We are finding the balance between having fun and enjoying the recreation of life and the responsibilities we have to live up to ensure we have the resources to relax while we have fun.

Enjoy the week.



Daily Power Boosting Colors:


Monday 7-7: White, cream, silver, lavender

Tuesday 7-8: Black, red, white, silver

Wednesday 7-9: gold, brown, yellow, orange, green

Thursday 7-10: White, Burgundy, Turquoise, purple

Friday 7-11: Pink, Purple, white, orange, red

Saturday 7-12: Black, silver, blue, brown