We All Feel Let Down by Life

Posted on June 19, 2014


Everyone has at some time felt let down by life. Sometimes it is a small thing, the lights are all red instead of green. The meal was bland, the movie wasn’t as good as it was billed to be.

Sometimes it is big things, like losing something or someone that is near  and dear. Working toward a goal with no apparent supportive results. Doing things in society as instructed, only to end up with nothing close to the results that we have been made to think we will get.

  I am in a finding my feet mode. I have to feel grounded to something, I need enthusiasm. All of my training, experience, clients, exposure, book, invention, blog, conversations, consultations, workshops, gifts and education have led me to this day.

Today. A day that seems to be as “unremarkable” as yesterday, or the day before, or the day before. There are days when everyone wonders what George Bailey wondered…if I simply stopped contacting and communicating, would anyone notice really?

He (George) actually wanted to never exist. I just wonder if a person “drops out”, who does that truly impact, on what level and how much does that matter to the Earth’s function? To the function of the Universe? To the plan of the Creator?

Life is a tough, rough, wearing, grueling, heavy. It will hit you like a mac truck with ZEE-RO warning. It will take you to your knees and leave you there to figure out how to walk again. This is how I am feeling now. I have been working, seeking and even creating opportunities. Reaching into the unknown, walking on the invisible floor. I guess I feel as if that solid floor has disappeared and I am in a free-fall…yes!!! THAT’S IT!!!!!

This is why I have always loved to write. And why a journal is an important tool for everyone to use for growing, thinking and figuring out solutions. About 75% of resolving an issue is knowing what the root cause of it is. In this case, I am wondering why I feel almost lost, as if I have nothing to grasp and no direction to go. I want something to focus on, a path to set my feet on, a sight to set my eyes upon. At least, now that I have written this, I know where this unsettled, almost panicked feeling in my gut is coming from. 

I thought my small steps of selling books and Energy Grids locally, being on local TV, having workshops and in-home consultations for the Easy Way to Feng-Shui would automatically lead to bigger things. Like web sales, features in national magazines, websites and requests for more in-home consults or coaching clients. None of that has happened, yet.

In the mean time, I struggle, along with my family to make ends meet. I continue to go to a j.o.b. because the thing I love to do does not pay my bills. I what my parents and husband struggle to keep what very little bit of the “America” we have been able to have for our lives. And because I spend 50 hours per week working, I do not have to energy or time to devote to being more aggressive with trying something new. I need something different because everything that has already been tried has done the best it can do. Now there has to be fresh approach to spreading the word about the things I have to offer and the ways I can help others live The Best Life possible.

My short term goal is to re-vamp my entire website. To showcase the tools and services I have to offer in a fresh way. Short term goals are all I am going to do from now on, as long term goals were too disappointing and I apparently do not know how to judge what is “in the due course of time” by how long results take to appear.

****The one thing I am wondering from you guys is the Energy Flow Report and Power Colors. Do you still want to see them? Is twice per week enough? How far ahead: 1 day, 2 days or more?****

I would really like your feedback because I need to figure out where to focus what ever enthusiastic energy the Universe is now sending my way. (I know it is coming because I just spent 20 minutes boo-hooing about what I really want in life and how it is not happening. The Universe love a challenge to prove people wrong.)

Okay…pity party is officially over. I want you all to know that it is not just the things in my personal circle that have me feeling so weighty. The uncontrolled poisoning of our Earth is over-whelming to every living being. The blatant abuse of some people by others is heart-wrenching. The hopeless feeling of not being able to acquire enough resources to live permeates almost everyone on Earth at this time. The sorrow, hurt and grief is for all of us, all Beings, not only me and mine. That is why I think it is so difficult to overcome sometimes. Not only for me but for all of you, my dearest people, those who also deal with these feelings of inadequacy, regret and helplessness. Not that it helps, but they say misery loves company OR more nice way to think of it is when you share feelings of sadness and grief, it cuts the strength of those feelings by half. So when we share our troubles, we actually make them less powerful.

Thanks for indulging me. I feel i really need to let everyone know how I am feeling. It might just help someone else who is feeling just a frustrated at the un-controllable ebb and flow we live in.

Big love and All the Best!!!!!!!!! AmberLena


A lovely rose smelling wonderful in the afternoon sun.

A lovely rose smelling wonderful in the afternoon sun.