Of Superstition and Friday the 13th

Posted on June 13, 2014


paraskevidekatriaphobia (the irrational fear of Friday the 13th). 

http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/weekday-friday-13 (calendar of dates, very cool)


I am nothing if not resourceful! Why re-write a perfectly good blog? The link above is to a wonderful blog telling all about some crazy superstitions attached to Friday the 13th and Fridays and the number thirteen as well.

Got me to thinking about superstitions, where they come from and why they continue to stay in our cultures even when the percentages say the odds of anything happening around that number is same as any other number.

Superstitions get started when a set of events, actions or circumstances happen at the same time some other fortunate or unfortunate thing in our lives. Then, the act of us THINKING (making a place for that reality to happen) about the possibility of such a thing happening again sends out a vibration to the Universe. Then the Universe does its job by sending by similar energy. Could be “good or bad” depending on the nature of the thoughts. When enough people perceive there is a connection or when one person sees a benefit in repeating a certain behavior, the superstition is born.

He looks cute enough to me! And lucky too!

It occurs to me in thinking about this post that in my study of Universal Energy and how it connects us, how it vibrates and the ways to perceive the patterns in those vibrations can lend themselves to things becoming ritualistic or superstitious.

When we pray we have a knowing, a faith that there will be some answer, some assistance to move the energy flow along. Same goes for repeating a behavior. We have a deep knowing or faith that it will happen if we do that and many times it does. Mostly not because we repeated the act, but instead because we were ATTRACTING those circumstances to our lives by THINKING about them so fervently.

That is why I wrote this book. To compile a group of the tools that I have found work without our intentions or thoughts having to be in synch 100% of the time. We are Human and will always be prone to THINKING and attracting challenges to our reality. This book help us to make the rest of our life HERE as Human Beings, The Best of our Life. No hocus pocus, no rituals, no worrying about doing it “wrong”. No mystical references or things to recite or memorize.

Cover from “The Best Thing”, first edition, cc2010

We have been given many useful and mostly free tools to use to help balance our blending as a Human Being. For some reason that is now lost to most people we stopped using these methods and even made some of them illegal and taboo. It seems though that today, in this moment of expansion and becoming, we are going to shed that heavy cloak and learn to accept both aspects of the energetic form we actually are.

In my years of studying these cultural techniques, I could have at any time stopped at one of them and said “Oh this is it. This is The One.” Except I never FELT in the deep place of knowing, my gut, that “one” is possible. I can clearly understand how easily it could happen that someone could fall into “superstitious” type actions, such as dressing in a certain color or carrying a certain gemstone for support. However, if you know that the ITEM is only supporting YOUR efforts and not actually CAUSING things to happen in a certain way, then it is using a tool to manage, balance and support our energy flow and not a blind act of faith. Even the ice ring around the moon the other night could be put in the superstition category. According to farmers, hunters and other outdoors types that is a sign of severe weather to come in the near, but not immediate future.

That Beautiful (almost) full moon Saturday night 1-7-2012 Do you think it looks ominous?

Bottom line, I have little silly things I do such as no laundry on New Year’s Day, knocking on wood (that one is important for sure!), wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, pick up a penny and stick it in my shoe, make a wish on an eyelash, and not change my sheets on Sundays. But if one of those things happens, I do not panic. Because I know one act does not a reality make. And as long as I am not FOCUSING my thought and imagination energy on a “bad” thing happening, I am helping to change the outcome of that superstition. Because just thinking about it too much can attract enough energy to make it happen, even if it was not headed that way. That’s where the worried thought circuit breaker comes in handy.

All right, it’s your turn. What kind of small rituals or traditions do you follow because they make you feel lucky or they ward off “bad” luck?

Oh, and for the record, LOVE Friday the 13ths! Have always have very good fortune on those days, or nothing out of the ordinary.