Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report June 9-13, 2014

Posted on June 9, 2014



Mountain Blueit


Addictions may become more pronounced, revisit us or become overwhelming for some over the next five months. Be sure to get your support people ready and find ways to distract and keep the mind occupied until tired. Volunteering and exercise are two great ways to release this energy. So are creative arts of all kinds.

Our dreams and visions will be harkening to our past. We will need to stay focused and present to combat the tendency to escape too much, too often too deeply.
This is a good time for us to make those connections. We are able to look at the events, dynamics and relationships to be able to forgive and let go or forgive and move forward together. Either one is going to come with healing in the wake. Allow yourself to feel the happiness and sadness of the memories as they come. Just do not get stuck there…move along to present now.

For the next two to three weeks our intuition and ability to read situations/people will be unclear and foggy. This is yet another important reason to check it, check it, check it!!!


The impatient way we have been feeling is going to be turned up a couple of notches this week. Our minds are not going to be a quick and sharp as usual, so if you especially gifted with that trait, expect a frustrating week. Best bet, slow down to control…we know very well it is better to do the task ONE slowly as opposed to four times too fast.

Here is what will be a good thing to do with the wave:

Revisit the old days. Anything that makes us feel homey, nostalgic for good times that are the memories we use to get through the tough times. Family , friends, relatives, and those who are important influences in our lives should be looked to over the next month for wisdom, strength and direction for the next leg of our goals.

Monday, Tuesday and into Wednesday awe are the build up to the full moon. Mystery, intrigue, digging into the way things work, getting to the bottom “of it” are all things we will be doing. Try not to be overly critical OR suspicious of others, we can tend to be a bit too cynical during this time.

Wednesday noon through Friday mid-afternoon, the full moon captures us with all of its glory and we are I the mood to be friendly, generous and over-indulgent. Be sure to set aside your money ahead of time, designate a driver and be careful in eating too much. Full Moons are about a reveal and this one is the kind that likes to make announcements. Just be sure that it has to do with something on-going or a past project…again (blah blah blah) NOTHING NEW!

We are going to be feeling upbeat and happy, even with all of the challenges we are dealing with.

The full moon mood will go into the weekend, so it is going to be a fun and exciting week! Buckle up and hold on….and scream on those big drops if you need (so we do not explode), I know I will!


This is not a time to start anything new…relationships, projects, creative projects, contracts, partnerships or careers. This is a TOTAL drag I know, very well…but it is the way of things. After the July 4th holiday, things will begin to fly along….let’s don’t wish away too quickly.


Please be safe, remember to breathe deep, hold it and out slow to calm…with hand over your heart, think pink and triple check everything!!


Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

For this week, in order of most powerful to use…but always go with the color that feels the Best to You first!!!



Tuesday (6-10): Black, silver, White, Red

Wednesday (6-11): Gold, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Green

Thursday (6-12): Burgundy, Turquoise, White, Purple

Friday (6-13): Pink, White, Orange, Purple, Red

Saturday (6-14): Brown, Silver, Black, blue

Sunday (6-15): Yellow, White, Orange, Gold

Monday (6-16): Cream, White, Lavender, Silver