Amber Light BOLO June 6, 2014

Posted on June 5, 2014




June 6, 2014

Get out there and get you some of this happy-go-lucky, Adventure-Is-Me energy wave. There will be nothing boring and plenty to talk about later with this flow. Be extra super careful now as the accident possibility is very high for most people. It is lack of attention at the cause, so triple checking everything from footing to if you really have the keys in hand BEFORE you lock the door to watching our step and looking both ways are musts now.

Plan a fun activity with your favorites. Invite some new faces as well, to keep everyone’s juices flowing. A fresh perspective is always good, and this is a supportive time for that. Look to past connections for the new avenue.

The best part of all is that we are going to be revisiting old issues…and finding NEW solutions. This is exciting for those of us who have been working on projects, career changes, lifestyle shifts and health situations. There are some of us who have been working on goals for several years. Some have made great strides and are now living the beginning of a new phase, new stage, new reality of life. Others of us are still waiting for the timing and cadence of the Universe to create the reality we have been working toward. The shifts and uncertainty are still surrounding us and we are unclear of how it will all work out. The one thing we know is it all works out. The world does not cease to be, no matter the end result.

In either case, expect a great way to handle a sticky, maybe even long-term issue to appear from a surprise source. Our intuition will be very keen during this time so pay close attention to all signals and signs. BE overly careful and enjoy the weekend.


old fashioned heirloom iris.

old fashioned heirloom iris.