Amber Light BOLO June 4-6, 2014

Posted on June 3, 2014



4 June 2014


All things rich, luxurious, sensuous and romantic for this day. Make a date with your love and enjoy a sweet feeling day. If you are able, also connect with others that you are deeply attached with. This is a good day to be together and say nothing at all, because you can see and hear everything the other is thinking.

A special treat for dinner, a surprise walk in the park, flowers for no reason, a big hug unexpectedly are all great options to show those we love the most how much we care…romantic and otherwise.

We will keep our feet on the ground knowing that all things cannot be rosey, there are always areas that are not a 100% fit, but when it’s good, it’s is very, very good. Enjoy the good feeling ride. A peek at the weekend lets us know we get to start on a high note with non-boring adventure in store!

Enjoy the day and reach out, touch someone, or two, or three or….


In Mom's garden

In Mom’s garden