Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report June 2-6, 2014

Posted on June 2, 2014



An active week that will have lots of blockages to work with. We finally got our energy and action back and moving in a forward motion. Just in time for communication, electronics, travel and purchase energies to get messed up.

Make contacts and get ready to revamp everything we have been working on. Old habits, behaviors that are holding us back and outdated ways of thinking are going to be shook up and tossed out this week. We have been building up to this for a few months, so most of us are very aware of the areas the changes will be happening. Get excited, the new phase of the Best life is happening here and now.

Relationships become deeper, closer and full of tender acts. This will help us to feel and know our beloveds care for us truly. And they will get the same deep tenderness from us.

  We will be forced to make sure our plans are rooted in real, workable ideas and not fantasies that can never be reached. We are going into the re-work energy flow, so now is time to look at where changes need to be made to make our goals viable. We shall make our plan of what we need to do and start working on these changes to be ready for July, when we will start flying forward at warp speed.

This week is great for contacts, spending time with those we love and with those that are able to give us support and resources to achieve our goals.

Be sure to triple check everything and especially anything that might cause harm. Accidents are VERY likely all month and we need to look both ways twice, stay off of unsafe equipment, check our harness, watch our step, be careful with sharp objects, firearms, drugs and alcohol.

Enjoy the week, spend time with your closest friends and loved ones, reach out to those who need help and can give assistance, be safe and take time to love YOU!!! Start with loving you, and all The Best will follow that lead.

You can see fairies everywhere in Mom's Gardens.

You can see fairies everywhere in Mom’s Gardens.

Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

For this week, in order of most powerful to use…but always go with the color that feels the Best to You first!!!

Monday (6-2): Silver, White, Lavender, Cream

Tuesday (6-3): Red, Black, White, Silver

Wednesday (6-4): Brown, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Green

Thursday (6-5): Turquoise, Burgundy, White, Purple

Friday (6-6): White, Purple, Pink, Orange

Saturday (6-7): Brown, Gray, Blue, Black