Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report May 28-31, 2014

Posted on May 28, 2014


A ‘lovey-dovey’ way is how we will be feeling most of the week. There are a few challenges; however the helpful feeling of wanting to show love and be loved will help to soothe the troubles. Be prepared to want to hug and be hug, touch and have physical contact with those we love the most: romantic, parents, kids, siblings, best friends, relatives and such. People are likely to be more touchy-feely than usual the next few weeks. We are also likely to get our feelings hurt a bit more easily by little, insignificant acts or words. Try not to be so thin-skinned and remember that most likely it is US that are taking the comment or action more seriously than we should, it is not meant with the hurt or malice we first think it might be. So let it go, roll off and move on…do not get mad about the little stuff this month!


Rainbow in Indiana




As we move through the week, we become more focused on our closest relationships. We are in the mode to show those we hold most cherished exactly how much and how deeply those ties really go. This is in the works for not only our romantic relationships, but our other bonds as well.


Communication is the highlight of the next month. How we do it and how we can be better at it, helping to attract what we need to live our best life are the areas where we need to concentrate our efforts. We will be getting messages from all types of communication source with clues on what we need to do to live our best life. Pay attention to phrases, written or in sounds that stick with us. These are the messages we need.

In the next 30 hours or so (from this –Wednesday- morning in the midnight hour through Thursday morning at 5:10 a.m EST) we will feel four major-ish energy shifts happen. This will have everyone feeling a bit unsteady and as if everything is in flux, because it is all moving and shifting…like sand under our feet.


It will feel very nice come Friday morning, with Thursday being a “down” day. A good day for completing daily tasks, no setting appointments or starting new things. It is a good day for making calls that we are uncomfortable with or doing things we want to do without being interfered with. This is a 28 hour span that last through Friday 10:15 a.m. EST. This is important because we are still chomping at the bit to start making moves on projects and new ideas, but it is still not time. That will come Saturday when the gates open and we get to run for about a week, before we will have to slow up again (for the month of June). The second half of the year will feel much more productive and energetic than the first half has, that you can count on.


Meanwhile, take the next two days, today especially (until 5:55 a.m. EST Thursday) to write out the things we really want in life. Be clear and be as specific as possible without limiting the Universe to only one way to help.

An example would be to ask for “The Best way to get the funds needed to pay for the $500.00 in utilities that is due on the 31st”. Or “the best source to get a new vehicle for daily transportation”. Or “the best way to fund a much need vacation this summer”. Or “the best place to get $1500 to fix the air conditioner/the best way to get it fixed.” “the Best person to become a romantic partner”. “The Best new job to replace the one that is no longer supporting me”.


You get the idea. Details of what we want/need, but not so specific that it limits the Creator to only one answer. We want different avenues and the ability to receive answers that we might not have thought of ourselves. The only way to be sure we allow for that is to avoid asking for things like “the house at 123 Wishing Well St” and expecting only that house to be the answer. Or “the position at ACME Shipping as the logistics manager” with no chance for any other job that might be similar (and even better) to be considered.


The weekend is shaping up to be home and family oriented. We will likely be doing things around the house, figuring out what improvements we need to do to be comfortable, looking at our finances so we can figure out ways to feel more secure, buying things that make us feel cozy and safe, and/or spending time together as a family unit.

More on that tomorrow and a look at a week that will help us all finally feel like we can do something besides feel tired, rest and sleep.


Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

For this week, in order of most powerful to use…but always go with the color that feels the Best to You first!!!

Wednesday (5-28): Gold, Yellow, Brown, Green, Orange

Thursday (5-29): Green, Turquoise, Purple, Burgundy

Friday (5-30): Pink, White, Purple, Orange, Red

Saturday (5-31): Brown, Black, Blue, Silver

Sunday (6-1): White, Yellow, gold, Orange

Monday (6-2): Silver, White, Lavender, Cream

Tuesday (6-3): Red, Black, White, Silver