Weekend Power Colors and Energy Flow Report May 23-26, 2014

Posted on May 23, 2014


The Unofficial start to Summer plus race weekend in Indiana and North Carolina.


The Wing and Wheel on the hood of this year's Indianapolis 500 pace car!

The Wing and Wheel on the hood of this year’s Indianapolis 500 pace car!



All of that is less important than the very productive and stride making energy happening Saturday. Use it wisely and we will set ourselves up to grow and attain more than we can ever imagine.

Home and family will be the keen focus, but our career and life path are also important in that equation. Look for ways to improve and excel at the things you love to do so that you may turn that into a much needed income source.

Long ranges plans are the most supported at this time so give yourself some time to look at life and imagine what ten years from now will look like and what we WANT it to look like. Then get started with a list of actions we will have to take in order to get there. Some maybe scary, some strange, some we will not e3ven know about until we complete others. But we need a starting place, so get it on paper or on a pin drive, hard drive or phone!


A fast paced weekend that is made for making connections and gathering information. ***Remember that we are gathering to sort through later, not to make any decisions now.***

There will be bit of hurry and impatience, try to keep the temper under control. Everything that is important will get done and happen. If it doesn’t happen it wasn’t important to this moment in time.

Be careful going to and from all the gatherings. Get a driver if we imbibe a little too much, which is likely some of us.

This mode of awesomeness lasts all the way through Monday so get your plan of action ready on how to put out the vibrations, thoughts and visions that will attract the Best Life. We all have little antennae that pick up on the very minute, subtle energies we emit. This helps us and others know who we should support and who we should move away from.

Sunday afternoon and all day Monday we may feel very lazy and not motivated to do much but hang where we are comfy. Anything we are able to motivate ourselves to do during this time will have long lasting effects on every part of our lives.

A great time for writing letters and requests for letting go of destructive and unhelpful habits that are hold us back.



***The more artistic and “make it our-self” what we do now has in it the better we are gonna feel and more quickly.

Our energy and urge is to try and dash head first into everything we have been waiting on to happen. This impatient attitude will not help us get what we need to attain our goal quickly.

***Slow down to control.****

If you cannot be artistic for whatever reason, then enjoy the creations of others. Even walking in nature counts, as it is the creation of the Universe, miracles to behold every moment.

Everyone will have lots to say, be sure what you have to say is of the nice tone. If not, keep it to yourself. Now is not a good time for picking a fight. Our action energy is a bit scattered due to the shift in direction this week. Ideas and points of view will be coming from everyone. We need to record them, then take time to investigate the usefulness of them.

Information is flying around like cotton wood in the early summer breeze. The issue is that about half or more is incomplete and false. Take time to check and re-check any facts that come your way through the weekend. DO NOT jump to conclusions OR REACT immediately to anything. We are in an intense wave of duality now, so take nothing at face value.

Including all of the flirty fun that will be going on as we stretch our social-butterfly wings in celebration of all things Gemini. So enjoy the fun, be happy, open and inquisitive. Believe half of what you hear and about 5% of what you see.


****Relationships are being preened and pruned at a rate that seems a bit alarming and unsettling just now.

Be true to your heart and TRUST that the person you are dealing with is being true to theirs. It you cannot verify these two things, you should let that relationship go. This will allow us to deepen and cultivate the once that are most supportive and The Best. Looking at this aspect and being honest is not always fun, but it is necessary to our growth and expansion. This also includes our relationship to things like money, career, food, possessions and knowledge.

Some people may find themselves in a position to be caught up in a hot but short lived and DAMAGING romantic fling.

Trust me when I say you are better off to have the fantasy and let the moment of indiscretion pass. We are also paying and creating actions that will be coming back to us with increased strength (karma). Let’s make them something we want and will be for our best. The momentary physical pleasure will have an unwanted, lasting and un-fixable affect (if you happen to find yourself in this situation) on our life.

We are in a timing of good luck, so take the chance if you are feeling it in your heart/gut. Luck is a two way street, so be sure to use caution if you “feel/know” something is a-miss or could be “going wrong”. Also no rickety ladders, double check all rigging and other hazards that could surprise.


Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

For this week, in order of most powerful to use…but always go with the color that feels the Best to You first!!!

 Friday (5-23): Pink, Purple, Orange, White, Red

Saturday (5-24): Black, Silver, Brown, Blue

Sunday (5-25): gold, Orange, White, Yellow, Red

Monday (5-26): White, Cream, Silver, Lavender

Tuesday (5-27): Black, Silver, White, Red

Wednesday (5-28): Gold, Yellow, Brown, Green, Orange