Weekend Power Colors and Energy Flow Report may 16-19, 2014

Posted on May 16, 2014


This full moon has felt very strange indeed. It has lots of hyper minded-ness and nervous energy that goes with feeling like we need a long winter’s nap.




That is because we are at the slowest point of the reverse motion of the action energy in our lives and world.
Ever walk in the silt of a lake or ocean? Your feet get sucked down into the muck and make a popping noise when you pull them out. That is what it is going to feel like for about a week. Sluggish is hardly strong enough and each of us will have our days where we are so sleepy we can’t stay awake. By next weekend, things will be starting to feel better, not 100% up to speed but at least feel like they are going tiebreak through.

The weekend starts with Friday feeling upbeat but kind of aimless. Do your everyday tasks and so not set appointments today.

Saturday and Sunday the energy lends itself to wanting to lay around and do nothing. It will be methodical and slow. We can get big, involved jobs done, but it will take a long amount of time to do them. They will be done very well, however and with staying power.

There is a possibility some people might get swept up in an exciting, mysterious affair. The flirty play is okay but steer clear from making any long term decision or reveling too much. We should try to stop and think through our actions before we do them this weekend. Impulsive acts will make us very sad and regretful later, so resist even if you cannot stand it. WALK AWAY!

Things may happen that will solidify strong relationships and being the finalization of those that we need to end. If we are in the midst of learning to change as the Universe shows us our Best way, some of us will get a big push. If we are trying ignore call to action and change, then we may well miss the wave.

This would be a good time to write a letter asking for help with letting go and/or allowing things to be without being attached to the outcome.

Be patient as everyone is going to seem to be moving slowly. Cleaning and clearing are good activities. Resting and recharging our internal batteries by doing nothing is also a good use of this energy wave. Healing happens when we take down time. If possible, spend some laying in the grass, eyes closed, thinking of whatever passes by your mind, then letting it go and moving to the next floating thought. This is good therapy for allowing things to move along.

We are still in a good time to plant. Just be sure you can cover the stuff if it gets too cold, like here in Indiana. Gotta love Hooiser weather. It is never, ever, ever dull

Enjoy the weekend and give yourselves some extra love. We deserve and need it right about now!


Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

For this week, in order of most powerful to use…but always go with the color that feels the Best to You first!!!

Friday (5-16): Pink, Purple, White, Orange, Rose, Red

Saturday (5-17): Brown, Blue, Black, Silver/Gray

Sunday (5-18): Yellow, gold, Orange, Red, White

Monday (5-19): Lavender, Cream, White, Silver

Tuesday (5-20): Black, Silver, White, Red

Wednesday (5-21): Brown, Gold, Orange, Green, Yellow