Amber Light BOLO May 14-15, 2014

Posted on May 13, 2014


Passion, desire, information and interactions are in full throws of intensity and confusion.

Our romantic relationships will go from being intensely deep, full of fire and meaning one moment to wanting to be the most popular person at the dance another. Be careful while working with these two waves that you do not get too carried away with being the social butterfly flirt that you go over the line. As far as the other goes, take that heat and passionate energy and use it to let the other person know that no matter how many others that may come or who might give us a little flirty action, only they can fill this place in our life.

Communication is fast, furious and full of new interesting ideas. Trouble is we are going to get some conflicting information about the things we are learning, talking about and discovering now. Be ready to gather what you can over the next couple of days then sort it out next week, after the strong wave of the full moon has had a chance to settle.

And the full moon will have us wanting to take care of our own NEEDS and wants, all the while feeling that we need to please everyone to have our world in harmony. The key to this full moon is to balance those two things.

Find out what things are important to you to hold onto as a part of what makes you the unique “You”. Then look at places you can let go or compromise to help make the ones who are dear to you and love you most feel safe, comfortable and secure.

Ahhh…give and take, consume and eliminate…it is what reality is built upon. On every level, with every thought, we take in, use to build and release what we did not need.

Pass this along to friends and family who will need the heads up on what to expect from the roller coaster that will be our next couple of days…into the weekend!


December 2013 full moon

December 2013 full moon