Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report May 8-11, 2014

Posted on May 8, 2014


The height of Spring is here…the celebration of Summer has begun! Rejoice, for it is true, the circle continues into infinite time, Now and All Other.


heirloom lilac




Get-R-Done is the name of the game now until Saturday 10:45 a.m. EST. Be ready for people from the past to surface. Some may want to make amends; some take advantage of the “cushion of time”. Be ready to take TIME to discern which one is approaching you. It is a good time to revisit the details but not to decide anything defining about relationships at this time.

We are in a lucky of luckiest energy wave to so ride it for all it is worth. Be ready to have to finally face up to the obstacle that has been hindering your deep and true progress.

Again take time to consider any decisions regarding finances (just like relationships mentioned above). The forward motion of that energy is not supportive. Facts are fuzzy. Take extra care and check everything.

***Believe me…you are not gonna like it, but it will be in your face, you have to LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!! It serves to do nothing except block yOUR progress (see how we are all part of I?). Including yours truly!!!*****


This is a great time to plant. Good for trimming if you want things to grow more.

It is still a fine time to cleanse the house with smoke, water, prayer and meditation.

We are in the mode to get things done, so work on a home, professional or artistic project that will yield a creation totally unique to you. Make it a Power Boost special by including your beloved people in the project. Group activities are highly recommended now.

Take care not to nit-pick at someone, especially the romantic partner or parent/child. One or two reminders are quite enough when it comes to being reminded of short-comings…we all can agree on that.


Take care to not take anything at face value this weekend. We all have a gullible spot and other people are going to be able to find it easily during these days. Check, double and triple…as any fine wood-smith will tell you “measure three or four times if that is what it takes to be sure”.

Do not commit to anything you do not want to follow through with. Be ready to have fun, passionate moment with your love and intense, meaningful contacts with those who have been a long time part of your life (lives).

~~One more mention…grab the opportunity as it comes and give them where you are able. These moments do not last forever, make your presence known, tell other people and the Universe what is really in yOUR heart(s). And they are coming from places you will never imagine, so be on the lookout with a sharp eye.~~

Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

For this week, in order of most powerful to use…but always go with the color that feels the Best to You first!!!

Thursday (5-8): Turquoise, Burgundy, Purple, White

Friday (5-9): Pink, Purple, With, Orange, Rose


Saturday (5-10): Black, Brown, Silver, Blue


Sunday (5-11): Yellow, Gold, White, Orange


Monday (5-12): White, Lavender, Cream, Silver/Gray


Tuesday (5-13): Black, Red, White, Silver/Gray