Amber Light BOLO May 7, 2014 Communication Shift

Posted on May 7, 2014


On your mark, get set: CHAT! The words, communication and ideas are going to be turned up to 11 for the next few weeks. Keep something handy to write or record the ideas, visions and flashes of brilliance that will be bombarding us.

Plan on lots to discussion with others. Everyone is going to be in the mood to talk. ***Be extra careful on the 11th when we are prone to stretch the truth or blurt out things that should be kept to our self. Do not be too loose with your information on this day. As the old saying goes “Loose lips sink ships”. This means that there is a time to tell what you know and a time to keep it to yourself. Sometimes telling the truth is more harmful than keeping quiet…timing truly is everything.

That aside, this is a great time to have talks, brainstorm with others and put your wildest ideas out for others to consider and give feedback. We are approaching the day when the action energy is finally going to get a green light to start moving to create our next Best life. We have been thinking planning and prepping for this time. The next 10 days or so we can finish up that “get-ready” and position ourselves.

Opportunity and the chance to give assistance is everywhere, so give and take your share. Reality is all about consuming and eliminating. Time to so both in great gulps. Get involved, get info and be ready to take time to really consider what is fact and what is not. For the next week we will be a bit in a fog when it comes to whether we can trust the info at first blush. Be sure to dig deeper than the surface to avoid l later issues. Watch for people to try to find your gullible spot and try to manipulate you with it.

Spend time creating something, reading, watching movies, walking outdoors, cooking, painting, writing, hobbies or enjoying watching someone else do any of that. This will help us get through the fuzzy time with less stress and confusion.


Jack dog on his look out perch. Tough comes in all sizes!

Jack dog on his look out perch. Tough comes in all sizes!