Old Fashioned Heirloom Lilacs for Beltane

Posted on May 6, 2014


Our spring has been wonderfully slow and easy here in the Mid-West this year. Lucky us. The Magnolia trees were even able to do the typical…bloom out for two days then get frost bit and turn pinkish brown for the duration…which if you know spring magnolia trees, is not long, maybe a week.

Over the past week one of the most looked forward to times of Spring has sprung: Lilac in Bloom!

I dug an old-fashioned, heirloom start from a bush that is out by the Indianapolis International Airport. It was the focal piece of someone’s front yard at one time. Now it simply grows wild. Periodically if we have a baby or wedding shower we will go out Stafford Road and cut the branches when they are in bloom to have it as our floral decor. They are the beautiful lavender color with the sweetest, strongest lilac scent. I am sure the orginal bush is at least 80 to 100 yeards old. Those use to be old farm steads, so they have been their a long time.

I dug mine 14 years ago when we got to include the luscious blossoms at the wedding shower for my sister Anna. It was nothing more than a baby, only had three branches.

Now…just look at the majesty that this baby grew into. It is a focal point all spring and even through the summer. The birds love to roost in it because they can see out easily but you cannot see in so well.

I especially like to weave my way through the branches to the center of the bush and stand there looking out. Completely engulfed in the heavenly scent that seeps into the very fiber of my cells. It makes you feel as if you are floating on a dream.

Like Christmas, it happens only once per year and I look forward to it with lots of excitement. Lilacs have always been a revered favorite flower in my family. Any flower my Mama loved is on the top of my must have list, and this was one of her #1’s. She loved the color purple and the intense fragrance. Here’s to you Della McKinney! Thank you for passing on your love and knack for flower to Mom, and on to me and Anna! I know you love to look down on our homes and see the colors dancing throughout the year.


All from a tiny sapling.

All from a tiny sapling.

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I cut a big bunch for the living room. The whole house smells good!

I cut a big bunch for the living room. The whole house smells good!


Some for the bedroom overnight that I brought to work today.

I love the way they look in that red vase!

I love the way they look in that red vase!