Beltane Sun Cross Quarter Day in May

Posted on May 5, 2014


Tonight (Monday May 5, 2014) is actually the technical “May Eve”. It is the night before the Sun reaches the third marker in the sky of its yearly travel.


May flowers...brought by April Showers

May flowers…brought by April Showers



The first was in February, at Imbolic. This marked the Mother Nature “start of Spring”. Then came the Spring Equinox, which marks the middle of the season of awakening. Tomorrow (May 6th, 2014) is the “Mother Nature” start of the growing season, or Summer. It is the cross quarter day when the Sun reaches 15 degrees of Taurus. That is the place in the sky as the sun continues to get higher each day. It signals we only have one more eighth of the sky to go before the Sun begins to get lower in the sky and the days will begin to shorten. This is the time when all things will grow and make the fruit we will harvest later this year. It is important to tend to our plants now with great care.

This is also an important time for us to tend to the growth of our dreams, wishes, goals and thoughts.

Write new letters asking for guidance and thanking the Universe for sending our Best Life. Burn old letters or write a letter to let go of a harmful behavior and burn it. ***Always burn in a fire safe place. Outside in a fire pit is best, in the sink will work or on a small-scale on an altar with a fireproof bowl.

It is also a good time for cleansing your home and other dwellings with sage smoke. If you cannot use smoke, get some essential oil and make a sage spritz with water and a few drops of sage oil. Add a clear quartz to help cleanse the energy, ward off negative feelings and bring in happiness.


It is a good feeling, high opportunity week. Put it out there, in contacts or only in writing. Envision yourself at the end of your journey, with the goal accomplished. See yourself not specifically knowing how it will turn out, but basking in the feeling that it is The Best possible outcome life and the Universe can offer.