Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report May 2-4, 2014

Posted on May 2, 2014


Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

(in order of strongest for each day)

Friday (5-2): Purple, Orange, Pink, White, Pink

Saturday (5-3): Black, Brown, Blue, Silver/Gray

Sunday (5-4): White, Gold, Yellow, Orange

Monday (5-5): Cream, Silver, White, Lavender

Tuesday (5-6): Red, Black, White, Silver

A close up shot of the rainbow from earlier this week.

A close up shot of the rainbow from earlier this week.

Hello weekend, you are here again.

This is a weekend to plant and plan, so do not let it go to waste. Put some seeds and plants in the ground. Remember if you are in Indiana (and the Midwest area), frost date is May 11th-ish, so make sure you can cover up anything that is new until mid-May.

Saturday looks like a great day to be with the ones you hold most dear. We are in the creating/paying for our actions flow, so make sure the things you do and say are sending an uplifting, positive energy out. Also, we might run up on something rough, if we have done anything in the past that might not have been so nice. “Karma” (which literally means ‘action’) is like the wind, it flows and blows. And sometimes it comes back around when we least expect it.

We should also be writing our letters to the Universe and writing out action plans to help us achieve the big goals we have planned for the year and beyond. A vision board is a fun and fresh way to send our message to the Universe. Try making one that has pictures of what and where you want to go. Add favorite quotes and inspirational sayings to give yourself a mental boost every time you look at it. And be sure to hang it somewhere you will see it at least twice per day. Hey, you might even try a vision board screen saver for the computer…great new idea! Slide show!

Romance will be heating up and getting exciting starting this evening. We will enjoy about a month of passionate feelings, sharing our heart and being able to deal with any rejection or obstacles that might come up because of our exuberance. This will help us in other (non-romantic) relationships as well, so yay!

The entire weekend has a home and family tone, making it a good time to be around the house doing the home thing or hanging around with your best friends doing something fun and making a memory. Sunday we are going to figure out a way to deal with a big obstacle that has been bothering us. This will be different for everyone and could be in any area of life. When the flash comes, be ready and be excited!

Keep in mind the issues of spending money without thinking, over doing the drink, food or other things that we might wish we had stopped sooner with. Good part is we are feeling more upbeat and optimistic than we have been over the beginning of the year. This is much needed and helpful as we continue to work at this thing called life.

Make sure when you are talking to others, you give true facts as we are in a mode to shoot straight from the hip if we want to succeed.

Get outside if possible and enjoy some nature. Soak in some sun, go barefoot, dig some dirt. It is very good for our souls and we need to connect to the Earth for our health.

Enjoy the weekend and …a teaser…next week we continue to good vibrations!!! Love, Luck, fun and frolicking are in the mix!!!